The Minds Matter Merit Scholarship Award and Earned Grant.

Purpose of Scholarship:

To award an educational scholarship annually to a graduating MMPDX senior who has demonstrated the traits listed in the Grantee Profile.

Amount of Scholarship:

The scholarship is $3,000 per year, for up to four years (a maximum total of $12,000 per student) if the recipient/grantee maintains eligibility.

Amount of Earned Grant:

In addition to the scholarship, the recipient of the award will have also simultaneously earned for Minds Matter – Portland Chapter a single year Grant from the Walker Family Foundation in the amount of $3,000.

Number of Scholarships:

One scholarship will be awarded per year.

Grantee Profile:

The Scholarship will go to the student who demonstrated the highest level of merit in the combined areas of Leadership, Scholarship, Citizenship, and Sportsmanship while enrolled in Minds Matter - Portland Chapter.


Grantees must be/become enrolled in a qualified and accredited higher educational organization and make satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree. Scholarship funds may only be used for educational purposes, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for educational courses. Grantees may not be related to Walker Family Foundation trustees or Selection Committee members.

Selection Committee:

At least 3 representatives chosen by Minds Matter – Portland Chapter, and one representative of the Walker Family Foundation shall serve on the selection committee.

Grant Announcements:

Grantees would be selected and informed in their senior year. Funding for scholarship grants and the grant to Minds Matter – Portland Chapter would be in time for fall tuition payments.

To Apply:

Complete a MMMSA Application Form on-line by the deadline listed.

Apply (password required)

Walker Family Foundation Website